Some people do not have one,
Some wish that they did not.
But if I did not have mine,
I wouldn't be standing in this spot.
See, my mother is some one special,
Shes someone that I adore.
She's given me all that I need.
In fact, she's given more.
She's held on to me and kept me close
When I tried to push her away.
She'll always been my number one
And that, she'll always stay.
I can't imagine what would happen or where my life would be.
Shes like an angel that god sent my way to show his love for me.
My mother is amazing and I can't thank her enough.
She's been my friend, she's been my rock, she's taught me to be tough.
Her smile always makes my day.
It would melt a heart of stone.
Her gentleness is like nothing else.
She's like no one I've ever known.
If you do not know her, I'm beyond sorry for you.
Because my moms one of a kind.
She shows a love that's pure and true.
I can't imagine that I'll ever be a mom better than she.
But I've learned a lot, and thanks to her, I know the mom I want to be.


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