You say that you love me 

but its clear that your love is not free

You act like we need mothered

and we end up smothered

you would hit up thugs

just to get "good" drugs

you should just say bye

its not like your gonna die

we are better off seperated

after all you made me feel hated

Often times I cried

wishing that I would've died

you lost your chance 

now watch as I take a stance

I've taken the wheel

tired of the way I feel

I'm gonna become better

Great like Tschetter

Nothing is gonna stop me 

cause' I'm finnaly free

It's been five years

and finnaly your no longer one of my greatest fears

This poem is about: 
My family



This is about my realationship with my mother, and our realationship is complicated. I dont live with her, nor do I ever want to.

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