The first thing I saw was you, 

When I entered this world kicking and screaming. 

I held my father's finger, and heard his voice, 

As the doctors helped me to take my first shuddering breaths, 

But you were the first I opened my tiny eyes to. 


The first time I cried, you were there. 

I don't remember what it was that frightened me, 

But I weeped and wailed with the fury of a thousand storms, 

Until you held my newborn frame, and slowly my tears stopped. 

You were the first to comfort me, the first to show me what love is. 


The first time I fell in love was because of you, 

When you taught your two-year-old how to read. 

It was only squiggles at first,

But you were the first to see them transform with me, for me.


You were the first to take me to the beach, 

To the foggy sky and green waves, 

The first to stare at the ocean with me, and teach me how to feel home. 


You were the first to teach me to be strong, 

How to stand on  my own two feet and be unafraid, 

To take a deep breath, and let it all go, and know who I am. 


You have taught me everything I know, and then some. 

You have always been here for me. 

You teach me every day how to become better, happier, how to be free. 

Before, I only saw the moon, 

Fixated by its white light, 

But you showed me the stars, I can see them, the tiny pinpricks of light

That swirl and eddy in the blue sky and guide me home at night. 


Thanks momma, 

Love u. 




This poem is about: 
My family


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