Mom at 17

Fear. Embarrasement. Being Judged.The feeling of walking through the halls of my high school after the world finding out I was pregnant. A feeling I never want to experience again. The feeling of your peers staring at you, whispering, laughing and pointing. The feeling of knowing they are saying hurtful things, though they are doing worse. The feeling of your teacher’s talking about you but act like they are your best friend to confide in. The feeling of everyone acting like they truly care. The feeling of not knowing where your life is going to go. The feeling of believing what others are saying, that YOU WILL become the stereotype. The feeling that “your life will be ruined.” The feeling of being overwhelmed. The feeling that I want people to know what type of person that I am. The feeling of knowing that I would love my child more than anything. The feeling that I knew no matter what I WOULD overcome the stereotype. The feeling that I would go to college. The feeling that I would become the best mother I could be to give my child the best life possible. The feelings I had when I became a mom at 17.

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