Ever slept to stop the hunger?
Ever ate school lunch and that was your food for the day?
Ever wore a pair of shoes till they looked like a gun was sprayed across them?
Ever walked for fun?
Ever just looked up at the sky and asked ...why?
Ever cried yourself to sleep on the floor?
Ever screamed when you heard the cops bust through the door?
Ever lost touch in who you are?
I have slept to stop the sound of thunder caused by my hunger.
I have depended on a school lunch to keep me full for the day.
Yes I've wore a pair of shoes till they looked like roadkill.
Yes I've walked miles away from home and run back as if it was normal to do.
Yes I've looked up at the sky and question the reasoning on why my life has never been perfect.
Yes I've cried my eyes out to the carpet and stained it.
Yes I scream and ran when the cops busted down the front door.
Yes I have lost who I am.
But who erased these nightmares and stored upon me these blessings?
My mother, that's the hero behind the scenes.
My mother can never be compared to any other.
I never had the perfect life, I have dreamed of the perfect life but I can't have the perfect life if I don't strive for the perfect life.
Maybe I sound repetitive when I speak upon my mom but there's no one else I will ever give my life away for, I would give up my soul to Lucifer if I had to save her.
There's no one in this life that'll ever replace her.
I'm short for words as I speak for now but mom I want you to know I love you and always will.
I'm thankful and truly grateful for you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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