Fake love, fake smile, fake feelings

Maturity of your child greater than your own,

You’re stuck in a child’s state of mind.

Your mothering? Questionable at best.

I loved your lies, your front, your tricks.

I loved the lies.

It was all a game to you.

I loved your mask and I hate what's behind it.

As the so called love you show has no truth.

Your “love” is empty and barren.

Leaving a hole that deepens,

A pain that stings with each second.

I needed a mom. I needed you.

At best you were an acquaintance, a mirage.

I didn’t know you, maybe it was for the best.

Now a distant, acidic memory.

You don’t deserve to have children,

I’m glad your womb has become barren.

My sweet, sweet ignorance; now a forced “love you too”.

They say Ignorance is bliss, but understanding is torment

A broken home from your greed

And a distant growing family tree

With broken branches, dying leaves,

Your parasitic presence rotted it within.

But your removal let’s us flourish.

Not dying in your shadowing soul,

Your poisonous love no longer taints us.

Your lies, your love no longer abuse us.

I thank you for your mistakes,

I thank you for your lies,

And I thank you for leaving.

I grew in your absence.

I am better without you.

Stronger without you.


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