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United States
33° 45' 14.3892" N, 84° 24' 43.2504" W

Dearest mother of mine,
The way you look is divine.
A mother like you only comes once in a life time,
But sometimes you’re sour like a piece of lime.
Being with you is never a waste of time,
All the time that is spent with you is sublime.
For you I’d die
But I don’t want you to cry.
Your face will remain as flawless as the night sky.
You’re always there for me,
It’s true that the best things in life are free.
Independence is the best thing you show.
You don’t frown whenever life gives you woe.
You’re a bull’s-eye in life’s eyes,
But you always manage to keep your head held high.
A day will come where you are forced to say good bye to your little ones
You stop feeling the warmth of the sun.
Grief comes around,
You feel like you’re about to drown, in your own tears.
The fear of not seeing your child for years.
This is why I savor every moment with you,
When the day comes to bid you adieu,
You’ll know that I will always love you.


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