The Molten Man

The supervillain called the Molten Man has kidnapped the fans of President Donald Trump, which is bad;

When Peter Parker finds out what the Molten Man has done, he gets mad.


The Molten Man hates President Trump's fans, as you can see;

One of the kidnapped fans of President Trump is the Molten Man's stepsister named Liz Allan and I'm speaking honestly.


Parker changes into Spider-Man and swings through the air, searching for the Molten Man's lair, which is true;

Finding the Molten Man's lair is what Spider-Man would do.


Spider-Man breaks into the lair of his foe;

The Molten Man's skin can generate heat, in case you didn't know.


Spider-Man crawls on the ceiling, searching for the Molten Man;

Spidey is also a Donald Trump fan.


When Spidey finds the Molten Man, he jumps down to face his enemy;

When the Molten Man sees Spidey, he gets angry as can be.


The Molten Man tries to shoot Spidey with is flaming projectiles and what I'm saying is right;

Spidey makes the Molten Man follow him outside and what the hero is doing is bright.


When they're outside, Spidey hides from his foe and I'll tell you why;

He doesn't want the Molten Man to find him and that's no lie. 


When Spidey is on top of the Molten Man's lair, he pours a bucket of water on his foe, which is cool;

When the Molten Man's flames have been extinguished, Spidey knocks out the evil fool.


After Spidey spins a web on his foe, he frees Liz Allan and President Trump's fans and calls the police;

The Molten Man is never filled with peace.


When the police arrive to arrest the Molten Man, Spider-Man swings away;

The Molten Man is going to prison and that's all I have to say.




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