Molimau Mo Le Fanua (Eulogy For The Land)

of the most
Significant instances of misogyny
Within our time
Is the disembowelment of the earth.
You would think,
That with our empathic nature
We would be too hesitant
To bite the hand that feeds.
Defy the voracious womanhood
Of the Fanua.
I want you all
To notice,
That throughout your entire genealogy,
The most consistent member of your family
Through life and death
Has been the land that mothered you.
She is still here.
Mark my words:
--There is no greater indigeneity
Than the maternity of the Fanua--
She dispels whispers into the wind
To remind you that she is alive
But how naive of her to think
That men are ever going to listen-
And acknowledge her
Omniscient Motherhood.
Unforgiving flavor of selflessness,
Untainted Resilience.
She is,
In a never ending state of giving-
A never ending state of death and resurrection-
And I imagine she would
Have less dying to do
Were not for the greed of man-
The earth is not your motherfucking bitch.
The timeline of this planet
Is a testament to our insignificance.
So why do we insist
On tugging on her open palms---?
Take advantage of an unapologetically vulnerable force-
An unpredictably feminine force.
Its hard for me
To sit here and watch you
Be so disrespected-
Taken by your self destructive maternality-
These men do not deserve your love.
I hope you conjure hellfires.
Send a hail storm
That reduces these maggots to paste.
They do not deserve your asylum
And I want you to realize this-
They have spent ages
gouging at your body
For all your mana.
Convinced, that they can handle it all.
They've poisoned your OCEANS
Left your soft spots
Left you a drunken mess
Fleeing the next morning when they're
Done with you
Like a disposable one night stand
Your children
Have been ungrateful for far too long.
So if you feel
That hellfire
And brimstone
Is the best form of corporal punishment
I welcome your wrath.
If you
Wish to grant us,
Your ancient forgiveness
I promise you
We won't fuck up this time.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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