(poems go here)Like rain falls from clouds, so do these tears.
Getting hard to breathe because I am drowning.
Thrown around, on the ground, like an animal you were killed.
I feel you but just like the wind you are gone.
You were more than family;
I'll always remember you like a catchy song.

The words you spoke were, lyrics.
There are not enough tissues to wipe these tears.
Sitting at the table, we are not the same,
In agony and pain.
Your body is away and you will always be gone.
I looked up to you like a father; you didn't deserve to be killed.

Choked and suffocated, you were viciously killed.
That story was more nightmare than catchy song.
When I heard the news I felt like my own life was gone.
Waterfalls were renamed my tears.
Rocks in my throat can't swallow this much pain.
Your death was a heart attack in this family's chest.

That will break this family.
What will haunt us the most is the way you were killed.
Senseless death is what brings the most pain
Everyone loved you like a catchy song
All cried out, but the memories will bring more tears.
I prayed for God to bring you back, but you are still gone.

I woke up searching for my childhood, but like you, it was gone.
Broken glass is what this family has become.
I wish I could just wake up and dry my tears.
I wish it was me who was killed.
I wish I could play you back like a song,
But the fact that I can't brings even more pain.

I hope whoever killed you feels just as much pain.
Don't want to admit that you are gone.
We never want the end to come to a good song.
I know that you are watching over this family.
It is all of us who they killed.
Nothing can take away these tears, except you.

Can't handle all the pain.
Neither can the family.
I don't want you to be gone, didn't want you to be killed.
You died being my favorite song, you mean more than these tears.


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