Moher Nature

Temperatures rising.

Ice caps melting,

Falling into the sea.

Gaia, Mother Nature, 

Oh how she cares

As she stares at the dirty air.

Her animals are dying out,

And her Earth is full of drought. 

She sees the damage done, 

But people only worry about their guns.

And even the goddess prays, 

They turn their harmful ways.

So she marches and shouts,

To get the greenhouse gases out the stores

And the plastic off her shores.

The Earth as she knew it,

Is now ready to submit. 


Gaia shouts at the careless,

"Plant more trees,

Save the bees."

Though she has a million followers,

There is still a lack of flowers.

These protests need actions,

So please clean the oceans.

But some don't seem to believe,

(not even the man in charge)

The harm is on their sleeves.

Gaia will not accept this as the Earth's fate,

But even she fears its too late. 









This poem is about: 
Our world


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