Modern Society


Modern Society

Ladies in this modern society demand respect from both men and women when they don't even respect themselves. They call THEMSELVES bitches and act as if that's the greatest thing ever. Only because, they acknowledge themselves as "bad bitches". 
But as soon as a man calls them a bitch, its disrespectful. Now if they called them a 'bad bitch', oh it'd be perfectly fine. Call me crazy I prefer to never be called a bitch, under ANY circumstances. If I don't let my own goddamn self think that lowly of me, why the hell would I let a random stranger disrespect me. 
I'm not a 'bitch', I'm a lady. Who gives and earns respect. 
On that note, most girl nowadays, instead of giving respect and earning a good life. They are giving their bodies and receiving welfare checks, along with child support from men who don't even show their faces anymore.
And those women who call themselves 'ladies' but act as if they have no sense and go around let the first man who approaches them, bed them. You are the ones who are setting horrible standards for the few classy, true ladies in this modern society. 
In this day and age, I find it...revolting that the fact your appearance is valued more than your knowledge. That our bodies matter more to there than our college degrees. When we were children we were taught that college and good grades are the only way to ahead. 
In most cases I agree that is true. I value someone with a brain and manners over a rude, arrogant, uneducated but sexy "man". Or someone who dare call themselves a man. 
Today a "man", is defined by how much money they have and how many women they have in their beds. No matter how they treat others around them. The word "gentlemen", has lost all meaning in today's society. Perhaps there are some gentlemen left, I just haven't met them. 
Now I'm not saying this to be rude or act as I'm better than everyone else. I am saying this because it is true, and someone of this generation- where sex is worth everything and education is worth nothing- needed to acknowledge what has happened. 
If no one is affected or motivated by my lecture than this is a waste of my energy and breath. But if even one person agrees and understands my point than this is worth more than gold to me. 
Let's move away from a society where only "swag" and stupidity is accepted, and move to one where college degrees and jobs replace every welfare check and eviction notice. 


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