A modern form of crucifixion

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 09:08 -- Nomad1c

The judge barked,
due to public demand
but my case
was not based
in true fact
Bound for prison I went
where my life would be spent
due to wrongful convictions; fast tracked.
Twenty years
have now passed me by;
with no family seen by my eye...
...never given a chance to retort.
But then:
I appeared on appeal;
for the days they continued to steal...
in my wish for some freedom report.
This new man sat high on that bench
while wearing a judges black trench
and without so much as a look,
went thumbing through each legal book
...til finally, he barked,
"This incarceration
must immediately cease!"
So I stood there...shaking in rage...
"Once you committed me."
"Now you've acquitted me."
" After twenty long years in that cage."
sweating bullets


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