A Modern Day Psalm


Praise the Creator and praise the Redeemer!


Sing to the one who made every individual

and stitched them together to form nations


Praise Him all you planets, who are held together by His word

and praise Him every atom, for He knows the placement of every electron


Perform Him a show you bioluminescence from the ocean's twilight

And proclaim His wonders you hollow feathered birds


O the most backwards of kingdoms!

Would the president give up is home to live on the streets?

Would a virgin take the heartache of a prostitute?

Or a judge die for a murder?


Yet there is one who gave His heavenly mansion to live in a stable

He considers the broken more valuable than His own life.

He lived as a servant, died a sinner

To rise a king, and reign as God


All history proclaim the name of your designer

All you sinners sing and dance before the one who calls you pure


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