Modern day Golidlocks

Once a upon a time....but with a twist 

A story so close to heart, you won't be able to resist

It'll be a modern day telling of what we know best

So let's begin with Goldilocks, who was hashtag blessed 

Goldilocks was a girl who wanted to see the world 

She was a sweet blonde with hair that was always curled 

Fresh out of college with not even a single penny of debt 

She had seen so many things but hadn't been to a cabin yet

With excitement she pulled out her iPhone to begin cruising the internet 

Knowing that hotels were out of style, to airbnb she went 

So with her inheritance from her parents she would set out 

Thanks to her new state of the art gps she had the best route 

She got in her car and off she was to a new adventure 

But first she headed to Starbucks for a thirst quencher 

When she arrived she was in the middle of a beautiful forest 

It was perfect weather for a weekend away despite the fact it was a hot August

When she headed in everything was in three

There were three of everything even bowls of acai

The biggest bowl was to thick while the middle one was like water but the small one was just right 

Goldilocks began to feel tired and decided to head to bed even though it was still daylight 

They also had three beds but again the smallest was the best 

But then came this noise, something that interrupted her rest

Three bears; one big, one medium sized and a small one entered the cabin 

Who did they think they were and who allowed them in

Blondie what are you doing in our house this house is off limits 

Goldilocks was in shock this must be some sort of gimmick

The bears shouted for her to leave that it must be past her curfew 

So Goldilocks left in anger typing a terrible airbnb review 




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