A Modern Day Black Man

Another black man down. All because his hand went down to retrieve what the white man "thought" was an AR 15, but in reality he was only reaching for his ID. Micheal Brown was only 18 when he got dropped by the police. Why? Beacause his skin tone and zip code intimidated the man who was supposed to be protecting his streets. But let's not blame it all on the hypocrites, whats's really lethal their weapons or our people? Black on black crime got everybody mama crying. Two L's reading "Long Live" is starting to become the whole city's initials, because everybody's son is deciding to POP their Pistol. But i mean can you really blame them? The streets is all they know, they daddy either gone or somewhere on death row. Now we all screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER, because another little black boys casket's being closed. 

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My community


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