Modern Day


The cold air chills me down to my bones

My lack of clothing is ‘cause it’s fashionable

Looking down at my phone

I’m trying to seem nonchalant, but desirable

This world that I live in is so fake

So artificial.

What’s it going to take?

An atom bomb?

For christ’s sake,

I hope not.

I think that’s what scattered our minds in the first place.

I like you, you like me too

Here, let me text it to you

Because confrontation is too scary

You need my help?

Post it on the instagram-y

I’ll double tap it, maybe even comment

There’s no comfort in technology

It’s a cold, stiff solace

I want you to know me

I want you to see the beauty of real things

I want you to leap off that pedestal you stand on

You’ve been living in the clouds for too long

I feel like I’m always cooped up inside

It’s “fine,” society tells me to never mind

Do your homework


Get good grades


Seem Perfect


Be Yourself


Don’t place a limit on me.

My ancestors came to America to be free

Not thrown to have their children’s children thrown into another system that doesn’t work

I don’t have the answer

You don’t either

But we both know something’s wrong

And nobody will admit it

Because nowadays, people are too scared to deal with shit.


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