It might be a coincidence or not,

To find each other and give it a shot,

It might be a plan from the God above,

A fateful encounter to a one true love.


Longing for real feelings, he gave it all,

On dark times, saving me is his goal,

Victims of breakers, we had a connection,

Even against the odd, we have affection.


Youth is ours,

On our talks till night hour,

Underneath the stars, we kissed under the tower.


A healthy relationship tops everything,

Love is what is it, against anything.

With someone who accepts you,

A partner who takes away the blue,

You my love, is what makes me smile,

Sweetheart, you make my heart run miles.


Magic for what it seems,

And it is all like my fairytale dreams,

Rare to have a loving human,

Kneeling in front of me like superman.


Growing to be a better person,

All I need is him right before the dawn.

Like every fight on a battlefield,

A strong bond like this is our shield,

Captivated by the deadly hazelnut soul,

It all makes me feel like a whole.

Oh dear, I love him so so much more,


I could feel the deep passion from the core,

Day by day, Mark is shining sun.

Oh, can you find the mystery of this one.

A clue is I love you, always Mark G.


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