Mixing The Craft of Hate

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 16:19 -- jaydal

How far would someone have to push you

To make your soul leave your body

Only for you to live anew.

Everything you touch,

Everything you taste, 

Just sits at the edge of the universe, plagued by ghastly waste. 

Let his white hand blend across your chocolate skin,

The feeling of touch should never be called a sin.

We are picked off as one race,

But we unify into one space.

We lived in a distant harmony,

Till one soul crashed upon us and gave them anarchy.

How would someone have to push you

To make you realize you live in a world where everything grew.

The hate that can seep through one's veins

Spreads constantly, when a person is shot down, where his blood stains.

Now you have been picked away from someone you love

Due to the hate rooted in your trust.

Trust yourself to know your worth,

That had been given to your by your own birth.

We live in a society today, where hate has become the common game,

And here we are,

Simply to play

Violence isn't cured by violence.

Silence isn't cured silence.

Do something right for you,

To make sure you can grow anew,

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My country
Our world
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