Mixed Stitch Sweater


Small script love.

Fair isle heart.

Our new vision,

What happens at the end?

Will there be bleeding?

What is often broken?


All the delightful,

Breezy trimmings

Shine like a star

In colorful prints

 And glittering touches.


Looking at the bones,

Which wounds were

Inflicted first?

Whether death was

Immediate or delayed,

Suspicion of foul play.

A story; an alibi?

One of consent?


Examine the head.

The brain can be

Lifted out,

Examined, and



Mixed stitch sweater,

Shine with color.

Slip ‘em on, feels right.

Own the stage

In shimmer and shine

From head to

Sparkling toe.


No lies, only love.

Like us,

See for yourself.


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