Mixed Feelings

Mixed feelings and cultures dividing him,
Because society only sees one side or the other.
Kids at school judged him solely on his brown skin color.
Asking why he doesn't play sports like the others,
Or why he talks differently than people with similar dark skin colors.
When he was younger he wondered when will people see him
Not the mixing skin colors.

They looked at him like a checkered chess board,
Sticking strictly to color.
They either wanted a stereotypical black athlete
Or a pasty white mathlete.
Family members made him feel like he had to choose one side and not the other.
In his life he thought he was Luke Skywalker,
Conflicted by the forces of darker and lighter.

After so long all the racial slurs heard 
He slowly learned that neither side mattered
Because personality triumphed in the latter.
He didn't completely believe this, he knew his disadvantages.
Being brought into the world by a black mother and white father
His skills and weaknesses being blended together making a wonderful disaster.
Creating a nerdy, hipster, artistic, game master.

He was always a child destined to fight a two front war,
Having mixed feelings in his internal parliaments politics,
Being split in the middle like a vote for Brexit.
It was inevitable, he couldn't accept the feeling of being alone
Since the majority could never feel the same.
He was a child in a divorce, 
Feeling as if blacks and whites couldn't love each other the same way.

In actuality it was a fallacy 
From societies ignorance corrupting a young mind.
Corruption left him broken and blind.
He knew his mixed feelings weren't fine
But he never met anyone who saw eye to eye.
Until he met a girl who showed him the way.
Allowing him to accept his skin
Making him feel more unique.

After sorting out these mixed feelings
Him became me.

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