Misty and Colleen

Some female Leftists are pissed at Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, which is true;

Refusing to be Leftists is what Misty and Colleen would do.


The female Leftists go to the private investigation agency of Misty and Colleen, as you can see;

Leftists are full of shit and always will be.


When the female Leftists are outside Misty and Colleen's agency, they challenge the heroes to a fight;

Misty and Colleen always do things that are right.


When Misty and Colleen come out and face the female Leftists, the villains try to attack the girls immediately;

With their martial art techniques, Misty and Colleen beat the living shit out of the Leftists, which is wonderful as can be.


When the female Leftists are defeated, Misty and Colleen call the police, which is great;

Left-wing politics are what Misty and Colleen really hate.


When the police arrive and arrest the female Leftists, they take the bitches away;

Misty and Colleen go back inside their agency and that's all I have to say.


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