Mistreatment of Mix breeds during slavery


United States
37° 57' 52.0344" N, 121° 46' 15.0024" W

(poems go here) I am a child of the Americans
A light-skinned mestiza of the Columbian islands
A child born into a cross road
I am a Mexican white African American
I am an Egyptian Columbian Spaniard
An immigrant, daughter, and granddaughter of immigrants
I am a Columbian island grown, Spanish is in my flesh
I am of a Latin-American, rooted into my own history
My dad is white and Mexican
My mom is Spanish and Columbian
We are not black, white, Mexican, Spanish, Latina, African, Columbian, or Egyptian
We are light skinned mestizas
Zebra child, pick one, black or white
I am a child with no identity
A child with no racial belonging
A child that was cut on the bus with a shaving blade
A child that was cut, dripping in blood
My ancestors
Whopped, drowned
Body parts cuts off
Tarring of the flesh
Kicked till bruised
Things have happen that no flesh should feel
But they happened to me
They happened to you
I am looked different at
I am left out
I have noticed that I am neither white nor black
I am stared at
I am questioned
I am identified, but I don’t identify myself, others do
I am not believed
I am just told
I am not accepted white or black
Is that your dad
Are you adopted
We perceived Obama as our first black president
From the color of his skin
African American and white
We have a biracial president
He is not African, but African lives in him
He is not white, but white lives in him
First black president
No one
He is mixed
Our first mixed president
He is judged, he is identified
We are stereotyped
We are a result of rape
The making of slaves
Half white
Half black
Willie lynch
The devil himself
Convinced to violate
Tried making a species of
Smart, strong, breed like a horse
Making the mix race
Night after night
Hearing foots steps
A slave couldn’t cry
The words he said were ruthless and cruel
She tried hard not to think of this sharp pain
But it only was a memory, a memory that couldn’t be forgotten
As she rocks her half breed baby crying
June 21, 1964
Three civil rights activists
Killed by the
Violence from the kkk
Slavery was there
Columbia was a major destination for slaves’ ships( separate fact)
Younger black men would imitate
There owners
Whipping there friends
They were obligated
Slave hunters
White supremacy
No matter where you go you are not safe
Race is a group of a population
That share similar characteristics
But we have no race
I’m one of those people
We are mix
So what does that make us
We are not black, white, Mexican, Spanish, Latina, African, Columbian, or Egyptian
We are light skinned mestizas
We have no race


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