Mistakes of the Sky

Waking from nightmare

glassy-eyed and stuffy-headed, 

I have then recollected

that memory I dreaded.


The storm.

The storm was too cold.

My beloved husband Columbus,

he was just too old.


The thunder clapped 

as the skies turned grey.

I watched the winds

blow my husband away.


I searched, I wept,

as I felt my heart break.

I then, with rage

performed this mistake.







I stopped.

I just stopped.

No lightning flashed,

and no thunder popped.


The wind was still

and the sky was black,

I looked down on the world

I have just attacked.


Houses were wrecked 

and streets were flooded,

all due to the loss

of my beloved.


I heard cries

and I saw tears...

Tears, like my tears. 


My tears were fears 

for the loss of my love.

Only to see 

I was attacking from above.


My angst had caused families

distress and sadness, 

when they should be rejoicing

joy and gladness.


A loss for a loss

was something I learned.

Something not needed.

Not earned.


I then took a deep breath

and cleared the skies,

to shine a little sunlight,

to see some hope in their eyes.


I created some breeze

as I hardened my heart,

for I know as long as the sun shines,

we will never be apart.


I raised my face to the sun

and smiled at him,

for I knew that he'd forgive me

with the flash of his grin.


So now I patrol the skies

in grace and eloquence.

Making up time for 

my errogance.


Personal loss 

is hard to go through.

It will leave you angry

and blue.

But when one heart breaks,

leaving hate, and clutter,

Yours is not the only one,

but another.

Be weary of your actions

For when you're in pain.

Believe that when you're around others,

you take away their gain.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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