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I've made mistakes,

I'm not proud,

I'm ashamed,

I don't feel good,

I feel like crap.

I screwed up,

I'm sorry,

Is that good enough?

But of course it isn't.

I can't change my past,

And I can't go back in time,

I wish I could,

I really do,

All the things I would change,

Bad decisions I've made,

The scars I have,

And will always possess.

I can't erase,

Erase my past,

It's who I was,

Not who I am.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

no one has the right to judge you
we all have make poor choices-life teaches you to be wise
you moved forward-you moved on
great way to start-use this poem as a motivation to continue being a better poet and person
keep writing

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