Mistakenly Me

I am unique,

like my fingerprint.

I cannot be changed.

My pride,

the rainbows that surround me,

are me.


I'm gay, but

rainbows don't come near me.

I mean, come on,

I'm a teen!

Sometimes I get sad,

Sometimes I STAY sad.

I am my feelings.

I am not the mistakes of my mother

I am not the sins of my father.

I am only my own mistakes.

So maybe I try too hard,

and maybe,

I cry a lot.

Maybe I act tough,

but maybe 

I am just scared.


I am not the size

of my waist.

The number on the scale

does not define me, 

although, sometimes

I think it does.

I am more than what meets the eye.

Is that so hard to believe?

So take me as I am,

broken pieces and all.

I am human.

I constantly mess up,

but, maybe

I'd rather mess up

than be perfect

for you.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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