A Mistake on Our Behalf

Once the whole world was a wondrous beauty.
Alone, untouched, untainted.

Until we spun it gray, somber and dull,
it does better off now when painted.
We greedily ripped the riches from its core,
and robbed it of its greatness.
When we decided that we were worth much more,
and stood tall, above it, arrogant and shameless.
Built upon every inch, like a blow to nature's saddened heart,
from its own elements as we tore it all down, made it graceless.
And continued we did, and continue we do,
Stepping over it all,
in our narrow-minded cadence.
Even now as we educate, we fail to make change, while knowing exactly what our mistake is.
As if we haven't realized, there is no other apt home,
for our careless and ignorant races.
And the fact that we haven't cared enough for this,
bountiful, mystical Earth
Is beyond maddening and outrageous.

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