Like a mist

Like a mist,

I feel you near,

 can't see you here.

All around,

up and down

you surround

My very life.



 I can't breathe.

I'm drowning now,

 can't you see?

The world caves in, encasing me.

I try to run, I try to flee

Hands reach out to pull me back,

Pull me in, just to leave me there

In a land of despair.


I'm free again but then-

I tripped and fell,

Falling faster, can't you catch me?

Aren't you the master?

I'm crying, and calling, but you don’t answer.

I've hit the bottom and I'm scared,

I thought you loved me,

I thought you cared.


Claws snake out, cuts me here, tears me there.

Badly bruised, bleeding, broken

The world around is black and rotten.

I'm devastated, humiliated,

Who could love a monster undeniably  grotesque,

Such a creature as myself?


In the distance there's a figure.

If its you, I can't tell, I can't care I'm just a shell.

Slowly nearing, in a clearing,

Someone stands with outstretched hands.

Will I stay, or will I go?

To tell the truth,


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