Mission my Ambition

For 22 years my dad was “pushing the rock”

Each day at work was spent watching the clock


I realized a career could be a weight or a mission

The latter of which has become my ambition


That’s why nursing is so important to me

Because helping others truly feels me with glee


I want my dreams to come to fruition

But first I need some help with tuition 


Growing up isn’t always easy and fun

Well maybe except when you turn twenty-one


It’s your concerns, really, that change with time

What once was curfew is now nickel and dime


Don’t get me wrong there are positives too

Wisdom and drive to name a few


Ultimately, I hope to gain more with each passing year

And for my meaning in life to become even more clear


I want to look back and be so content

I know with nursing my time will be well spent


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