Missing you dearly

Missing you dearly

My heart is aching and can't stop

Tryign to forget your smile, your face and your wonderful voice that wonders me into a fairy tale

But I just can't stop

Your stuck there and never coming out

Wishing I can just be with you and never have to stop worrying 

I miss you so much there's not enough expression that I can override it from missing you

When you call my heart just sets itself in place but not to long 

How can missing you go away

Missing you leaves me into daydreams

that leads me to you

You yourself is the one I love

You yourself is the one who makes me shine everyday

You yourself is the one that keeps me believing

I miss your smooth touch

I miss your lightness from the ground

I miss your kiss that lights the moon every night

Looking at the moon every night is like looking at you from the other side 

I miss your laughter that I can never forget

I miss your absence from me

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