Missing You

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 13:45 -- pocket

You were my sunrise,Your light shone brighter and sharper than the pain you left inI sought you at the end of the darkness;I followed you through the nightBut now, daylight never reaches the horizonYour smiled gleamed, your touch sparkedBut now you’re cold and lifeless, As I lay here in the dark- the image in my mindYour toes spiral in the air then are halted to a stopYour face swollen, tears pool in my eyesThere’s no stopping this downpour  Goodbye has never been so bitter;Death has never been so dauntingYour innocence mingled with the devils in the back of your mind,What happened to our promise?What happened to our dreams?Rumor has it your wings are beautiful.That you soared far far away They said I wouldn’t see you until the day that Death sweeps me off my feet and dances me to my eternal sleep,But what is most devastating is living without your heart beating next to mineMissing you has never encompassed me like this tidal wave  I was hesitant to take your hand in mine,This could be the last timeBut now I will never get that chance,You’ve been swept away from meYour limp body disappears from what could’ve been my armsSo many nights I wonder if I could’ve stopped this,If I could’ve saved you from this tragedy.


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