I see her face in ever face
Her smile in every smile
My lips are filled with her names
I feel her presence so close
Even when she is so absent
The memories of her touches
Of her warmth
Of her presence
And her smile seems not to be enough.
But she was gone just yesterday
And this seems like forever
What happened?
What went wrong?
Why did I let her go?
Cause missing her is like living without breathing
Just like a tree without its roots
If only I can turn back the hands of the clock
I will go to her and hold her so close
Not letting go till the end of time.
If only I be able to see her,
Right in the center of the world
My knees will fall to the ground and say not to only her
But to the entire world that I am sorry
Even if she is the one at fault
Cause missing you is not what my poor heart should even think of.


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