missing you

Lana Del Rey’s voice

Singing to me as I write

Haunting me with memories

Of all of the hopeless nights

I spent wiping my mind of you

Erasing all of the memories

The happy endings that never existed

Even though you promised

The way you left me in the morning

Like I never even mattered

And I guess I didn’t

Writing these lines

Lana’s voice is keeping me sane

Another bottle of liquor

Breaks as it hits the floor

Don’t worry

It’s empty

It won’t stain the new carpet

There’s no need to yell at me

This time

But you do anyway

It’s just another memory

That I need to erase

Put it on paper

Set it aflame

Set you aflame

Pop another pill

Take another drag

Let the smoke out slowly

You always hated the smell

You always hated me

Another smoke ring

Floats through the air

As I write these words

I hope you know

I don’t fucking miss you


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