missed connections

 I loved him as a man and he loved me as a friend 

And though our relationship was fluid 

The status never teetered 

But our bodies had touched as often as our vibe 

I slip my hand by his cheek and graze his ear 

Picking up lint from his fro 

Hed slide his head by my shoulder and cradled his face in my neck 

For every good bye 

How fitting his arms caressed my waist 

I couldn’t hold my breath 

I breathed in his scent and breathed out the peace I felt being pulled close 

Even if it was to say good bye 

To a friend 

I was beyond waist deep 

I was to my hair line 

Not holding my breath 

Inviting what engulfed me into my lungs 

My imagination of what it could be 

The anticipation of what to come 

But the reality that ive been tricked by my self 

Drained what submerged me and I hit land again 

It felt nice to levitate because he was a spiritual being 

And it felt nice to expand the capacity of my mind because he was a wisdom seeker 

And our conversations never grew thin  

It was a hobby that we could go pro in 


Still in turn 

He loved me with his heart and I loved him as a friend 


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