Missed Connections


Limitations and glimpses,
We peer into crevices to find another human.
140 characters, 250 words cannot bear a soul.
And I want to talk for days
Ricocheting my randomness, Upchuck originality
Onto everyone I pass...
And yet I still look away.

Downcast, we are not important...
I was not meant for practicality:

A historian, shuffling through stories of the past
How many have passed before me
And not seen a suppressed point of view?
Through misogyny and hypocrisy,
America buries our differences.
We soar on the wings of an eagle
Into white, hetero, male clouds.
If we are all same then we can finally progress.

Stop having opinions, stop talking
We are all very tired.
But an activist, I study ethics
Until the truth seems less subjective.

Interest after interest
Has lost their interest.
My passions echo blankly across my family's face
And return to me, indigestion, I presume.
They reanimate and change the subject.

I was told I am different.
I choose the means, not the end.
The fog seeps through my persona
Clouded, a fading abstraction.
But in a brush of curiosity
The hologram shudders back to life.

Am I coming through now?





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