Miss.America Me !

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 10:17 -- Beautyy


Morning smelling like fresh flowers blooming in the spring as, the bright sun bleaming apon my face. I am the stars that shine through the night, I am the sun that scream SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND throughout the day. I am Miss. America. Black beauty power i have and endure. I am very intelligent, spontaneous, out-going, and have so much confidence in myself with everything I do or set my mind to. "It isn't over yet" is a saying thats stuck in the back of my head and that keeps me moving forward and not staying still in the PAST. You know my name but not my story, you know my feelings but thats not enough. Miss.America Me, behind this light skin, pretty dark brown eyes, sandy dirty brown hair, and chunky cheeks, and pear white big smile is a memory and devastating feelings that I want forget but will forgive because i know it isn't over yet.

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