Miss You

I say I need my space

And that's because I'm scared

I see you everywhere and my mind is drifting toward your picture glaring there,

It's just past 4 am and you can't sleep

I talk to you just to keep the peace inside what seems 

To be a mind not at ease 

I guess we feel the same way

We aren't so different after all 

And I'll admit that

Wish you were here so I could crack into you like a kit Kat

Your cats name right?

I'm at what seems to be the height of my night 

Timid and afraid to close my eyes and hear my own mind speak about some kind of bull shit

Acting so you won't feel bad or be sad

It's not all my fault but I'll never say that, 

it doesn't matter what I aim at

It seems my direction always misses

It's like I'm blindfolded and spinnin,

I fall and wake up in my linens

You were here but now all that's left is your scent and

I can't walk into my bedroom without smelling you 

I need to leave 

I sleep on the couch for weeks and 

Maybe I won't have to fight these demons

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