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Life is such a challenge, but a heart-break is undefined,
It can change your whole perspective of life at any given time,
The days get slow you start changing your ways,
At eighteen, started smoking and drinking till there was no pain,
My passion to live got a whole lot darker,
Being around people I was socially awkward,
Dropped out of school I wasn’t mentally prepared,
Flew back home where I felt like people cared,
Though it wasn’t enough to get me through the night,
Still stayed up questioning is my life going to be alright,
The thought of a gun to my head feels so good,
I will always wonder why a heart-break is miss-understood.

Poetry Slam: 



Ill keep reading.. I was only going to read 3 butttt.. this shit just went nuts , life stories, amazing titles, yaaaaaa.. its wrap

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