Miss Teacher Lady


Dear Miss Teacher Lady,

You said you wanted to get know us but did you really care. 

You can't even remember my name now how is that fair?

It starts with a T... A...Y, it's Taylor alright.

No I dont want to argue or fight,

But you made me throw away my breakfast

I only  had a piece, a piece!

You get to sit there and enjoy your feast.

Thanks that smells really good.

What do you mean I can't have a hood?

I thought you said we could.

Excuse me, can you explain why that answer is correct?

Nobody understood it last time I checked. 

89 flash cards and an essay due the next day?

What, it's also a test day?

It's not like I had a life before.

It's not like my hands are sore.

I wonder why I still got a bad test score.

I guess I need to find a tutor.

Too late, I failed the class,

Maybe next year I'll pass.

Thanks Miss Teacher Lady

For driving me insane

And perhaps killing my brain. 


Your F+ Student








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