Miss Popular

There  she goes walking through life, miss popular

Walking on top of the world without a care in the world.

Soaring higher than the stars only coming down when she wants more than flyin high once again.


There she goes the Boss ass bitch who thinks she's better than the rest

Not understanding that she never was that best

ignorance is bliss that's what her father tells her

But it's too late her own thoughts clouded her mind like a cancer


See if they supported me

See if they could only see

See That's not what I want to be

I want to be me

Why can't you see

But that's not what they saw


See What they saw was a

Short skirt, hair back, navel piercing, lipstick, tattoo wearing, 5'6, 16 year old girl

But who was that little girl

Not theirs


She couldn't understand that that layer of  Juicy clothes, Gucci  eyeliner ,lipstick, Prada hand holding, Victoria secret wearing person was nothing more than an empty shell.

See when she bought that stuff, when she worked for this, when she asked for that, she sold herself. She sold herself.


Seeing all that consumer stuff

Jordan's on your feet, apple bottom jeans, grills on your teeth, and belly button showing tees

Well you can bet  she consumed all of it.

She was no longer that little girl

She was just another girl

One of the many thousands who followed the hype, one that's not right, one that brainwashed the masses into mixing up their life.


But who to listen too?

Which one is right?

The parents or the hype

All her parents wanted was the best for their little girl, they wanted her to be acceptable into society? Well she was wasn't she? She was popular, he had friends, she had the boys falling at her feet.

And where were they?

They were workin borin jobs to pay for all that those expensive travel bags and beauty rags so that she can be happy.

Now does she want that life?! Does she want the life of a supporter or supported. Without knowing anything how will she get by in life. What will she do when her parents are long gone. Without her father waiting tables, and her mother no longer running that salon. What then? Yeah she wants to be understood, she wants to have a voice, but what does that voice say? It's saying I don't know, I'm confused, I want people to know who I am, when I don't even know who I am.


I should have told her.

" I thought you were alright"

Honest like the books you read

A geek like the instrument you played and different like the thoughts in your head.

I should have told you that your independence was measured by the deviated free thoughts you made

Not by pushing those who were most close to you away


I should have told her these three words. Three words that were three years too late. Three words that I know is cliche yet I know you haven't heard enough in your life.

 "I love you"

And If I can love you so maybe you can learn to love herself


No  it's too late, just keep my mouth shut and keep going on my way,

I'm sorry for everyday that I turned my head away


So there she goes as the queen and the head

Not expecting that being queen means being dead

Even though they think they know, they don't know that's what my friends say. Cause my boyfriend pays and I'm good these days, sipping alcohol with my friends in East LA


Well the hype it is I guess.


Fast forward 2 years


Yeah 18 and pregnant with nothin but a bum for a baby daddy, this girl no longer a girl but a mother. In two years she threw away her youth.

Regretting what she no longer had, regretting missing out on the advice of dear old mom and dad


Now trapped in her head in a self made prison

Material objects slowly  eating away at her Vision

a once beautiful bird falling from the sky

From the clouds to the ground in a blink of an eye

Well miss popular, welcome back

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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