Literally the hatred of sound

(Certain ones, anyway).  

I do not want to stay.  

I’m out of here!  Homeward bound!  


Not that it’s the greatest there

(Except inside my room).  

Everyone shall face doom…  

Just stop already!  Hold your air!  


Everywhere, the horrible noise

Of gum-chewing and lip-smacking.  

It makes me want to start attacking!  

Silence these voices!  


Is this hell?  

I’m filled with disgust

For those who show their candy lust…

You’re not even allowed to have it here!  


How can’t you tell?  

I want to disassemble

The fools who make my fist tremble.  


How dare they

Click their tongues as they talk!  

How can they

Suck their teeth as they walk?!  

It’s everywhere!  

I’m burning inside…

Is this hell?  


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