By Bre Jon Harris



I am me not what they portray me to be


What’s that???

Hatred for women I see


Does this strengthen the legitimacy?

And provide the communities with shared beliefs of how a woman is suppose to be

Religion social learning cultural institutions are what raised me

But as I grow older rap videos are what I primarily see

These are supposed to be visual representations of me???


People will sale their soul to play a stereotypical role

Normative influence is what it’s called

As a woman I want to be accepted and liked

These attitudes have affected me

Guess you can call it a self-fulfilling prophecy

My perceiver’s expectation of me leads me

To confirm some of these expectations eventually


It’s been plenty of times I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see

Are these these the qualities that men look for and adore?

Are these the standards or should I ignore?

No map no sense of direction

Ostracized if I don’t follow the norm

 Social constructs destructive they are

 Made up institutionalized

 Lies made to visually rape us?

I must discuss this so called lust to exploit your women

Money isn’t everything when life itself perishes all you have is your soul

There has to be some ethical standards

There has to be a balance

Issues are rising in our youth we got to take control

Not allow our children to contribute to these stereotypical roles



This poem is about the media primarily rap music and some of the hatred some songs might prortray to the media. Also about how it impacts young women

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