The Misled Queen

The Misled Queen

“Ayo bitchass” is the way she would greet me as she walked into the locker room

Her hair glistened from the shadow of the sun smiling at the ocean at sundown; Rapunzel could not touch her. 

Her eyes matched midnight skies and the first song that came to mind was “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.

Her cheeks reminded me of my hamster when he would stuff food in his mouth as if he were saving for the next hibernation.

I don’t know how we meet

But it is hard to believe a girl with a core stronger than concrete

 Would bow down to a boy’s backhand

She was my best friend


It was sophomore year

Our secrets had friends

Our friends had secrets

But she knew everything

About me

She knew the secrets only God and I shared at Sunday morning prayer after the party at two o’clock in the morning.

 I knew her secrets, the secrets that most people find grotesque and plain

Even our crushes had code names like carrot and watermelon but they were not healthy or sweet.

I was the first one to get attach to those puppet strings

But I got out see


Our laughs were louder than a wolves cry. 

Our smiles could light up a whole room even when we were just hiding the pain. 

Only we knew what the pain was inside.

 Only we knew that the smile was only a mask we needed to cover up the pain inside


 Darker than a paper bag A Little lighter than a black pen. 

She was happy and I was happy for her but

 We did not know he would by the backhand she would bow down to

Nor did we know he would end a friend ship

Or did he


The next set of puppet strings were attached

She only moved when he pulled or pushed.

 She only went where he guided her.

She only spoke when he let the words come out of her mouth.

A queen turned puppet

Our crushes no longer had code names

 He used his puppet strings for a girl who never knew what real love was

Because until now no one really loved her in the first place


The puppet strings were loosened

Just like that

I got my friend back

Who was he to think he could just hit my best friend

If I ever see you in the streets I’ll bunch you in the face so you know how it feels to get beat up by a real man, I’m sorry in advanced

The puppet strings were loosened

Or so we thought


He still held her captive from the beginning until now his puppet strings were too tight on her

So tight she told me one night

He didn’t do it?

He  didn’t do it?

He didn’t do it?

Poor Misled queen

Esther you’re not who I thought you would be

Not Falling on your knees but waiting for the evilmans defeat

Of the people you loved, of your people

Poor misled queen

You’re nothing like I thought you would be

He’s still got you hooked to those puppet strings

And I can’t stand to watch the show and bow to and applaud you

To applaud the hand that moved the puppet strings that kept her captive from the beginning even when she was handed back to me, this poor misled queen.



Truth is I blame myself for our relationship.

Truth is Esther was scared for her life and I did not care.

Truth is I was wrong for abandoning my friend because

She was there for me every step of the way.

Truth is I hated her for lying to me but I knew why she did.

Truth is life sucks when you are alone.

 Truth is it took a better friend to cut the hand that held her puppet strings.

Truth is I blame myself for what happened to Esther because I looked past her “boyfriend’s” flaws.

Truth is I miss her calls at five o’clock in the morning complaining about him.

Truth is Esther was the only one who followed her heart.

Truth is I was not always right.

Truth is I miss my best friend.

Truth is Esther, I am sorry.


I pray for her every night

And our crushes may not have codenames

And our secrets all told

But I know she is my best friend.

Her hair still glistens, her eyes still twinkle like stars at midnight,

and her chicks are still big like my hamsters.

And she is worthy to be celebrated every day.


Love, The  Real Misled Queen




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