The Misinterpretation of a Love Story

I swear the night heals

I swear on the dirt, it's healed, some a broken heart

I see her come to it, the broken one

With her heart aches

And her head aches

And her hurts

And it meets her there, in the prelude of the morn

"Take it, take it, take it away.

Am I always to be but an empty footstep?

I cannot endure the same anymore."

She cried from her heart to the moon

Of the things that eat away at her soul

And see, I've studied the darkness and empties it's contents

On the bathroom tile

But nothing, nothing at all could I find in the mess

Still, she speak doubtless into the void

Of her own void

Hoping the two will cancel each other out?

Where is the fear?

Could darkness chase away darkness?

After just a moment, she blinks

And now her eyes are starlit

And her tears mingle with moonlight

And I swear by the light of the moon

She smiled, and whispered,

"Good Night,"


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