Misguided Love



The problem wasn't that we didn't take a step,
We dove in headfirst without a second to prep.
A love-wounded heart and a selfish soul.
Set off on a doomed journey, no aim, all the way humms of all the Hassels she claimed.

Driven by the fear of losing you.
We stumbled blindly through the dark and blue.
Leaving behind only failure and pain.
Heading back to where we started, in vain.
Blindly nodding and shutting out the my own light.
Was never a part of me, my Lady bright.
I wanted your love, never had your breath on me, was not allowed to get close to your shore.

Without seeing your smile or your face.
I fell in love with your soul in grace.
A love that can only happen when you have faith.
Without feeling someone loving, It's difficult to embrace.
So falling in love with soul was my my way.

You may call me wrong, my dear,
But you hurt my self-esteem and left me in fear.

I don't want to reel back to who's wrong, or right
But something went amiss, and we couldn't stay strong.
You will say it's you who is always wrong to keep your esteems I should admit.... I didn't kept my place strong.

A person who harms himself for others, who didn't give as much? Could harm his own?
No greed, no lust what was missed. He wasn't brought up as a player, and it was dismissed.
The pain was unbearable, and it left him blind,
So he left your love and took a step back, bared.
But he never felt so miserable in life that's what you should not be scared of Alright !

What hurt him so bad? If you could think about what made him worte all of this in confusion night has passed, confused scared, alone in the shambles, I took a deep breath, and got out of your "care,"
So full of death.

He took his self off from the cain he made.
Took a sight, right above that love blare that he made, All he saw was, the promise HE made in faith, which you accepted by her in haste.
Think about it, my Lady, what made him scared this way,
Don't say it was the thought of loving you that left me unprepared.

He was always a miserable person, with no bloom as per you, but appreciated that you still made him a part of your blues.
And from there, He started talking stooge,
I never thought to write a poem for you..
I am just trying to express only the i could, I felt this healing, Its a better push, all he feels were shared to with open heart, He never thought he was in front of a closed heart.

The Misguided Love. 💕

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Eric B

 It's a heartfelt poem with a clear emotional message. You have effectively used metaphors and imagery to convey your feelings of pain, hurt, and confusion. The structure of the poem is also well-organized, with each stanza building upon the previous one. Some suggestions to improve the poem could be to work on the flow and rhythm of the lines to create a more seamless and cohesive reading experience. Additionally, paying attention to grammar and punctuation would make the poem easier to read and understand. Overall, it's a good effort, and with some minor adjustments, it can be even better.



I appreciate the emotional depth and vulnerability that you have put into your writing. It is clear that you are expressing some personal experiences and emotions, which is always a courageous thing to do.

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