Misery Confession

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 19:08 -- Athena


United States
40° 42' 28.3104" N, 111° 51' 3.2292" W

Everything was ok.
In truth,
a monster captured,
my mind.
I was a ghost,
lost in cruelty.

Not knowing,
I drifted among seas of lies.

Repeated disaster,
in the darkness of my dreams.
Repeat, repeat, repeat, the cruel words that flow.
My bright sunshine faded,
an empty abyss.
I couldn’t see,
I suffocated.
I froze in a beautiful waste land,
for truth,
in lying words.

A monster whipped my mind.
Those eyes,
hid everything,
showed everything.
Eyes burned,
imaginary tears.
Drifting among seas of lies.

Monster, monster, monster,
Showed me nightmares,
Showed me grief,
Showed me lies,
Showed me betrayal.
My monster,
Showed me one good thing.
Showed me strength.

showed me how to survive,
through the burning mass,
my monsters eyes.
Strength, help me escape darkness.


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