All I am in life is a complete mess up that ruins everything

No matter what I do; I always manage to mess up everything in my wake

Everything I do leaves a huge crater that will sting

I would stay away from me just for your sake

My life is full of nothing but pathetic disappointment and tears

There’s nothing I can do that will ever seem to fix this

This has always been one of my biggest of all fears

Having a family that will squat on my grave and taking a piss

I know that if I just got up and left my not so meaningful existence

That I would never be grieved for or even missed

It’s like everyone around me is forming a resistance

Yet I don’t know what I do that makes them so pissed

My life has never been anything except for a mess

I can never find a little scrap of happiness and peace

I’m a sore wound that pain cannot leave even if you caress

I’m the part of life that no one wants to have a piece

Rage and pain has always haunted me since I was a kid

It’s a demon that I have never been able to get rid of

I’m the not so easy to open pickle jar lid

No matter how hard you try, I’m incapable of love

Love is an accessory that I can just never obtain

I have never been shown how to do such a thing in my life

All I know is that I’m not the rainbow but the rain

All I know is misery and utter strife

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