Misdirected Determination

Fri, 08/21/2015 - 21:15 -- Ausarjr

As a young kid, graduate from 704 I bled black and gold to the core, It was my city it was what I lived for

Growing up I loved a game, a game that cause pain with strain, taking risks like you lose or gain

I worked hard for chance, from chill to rant, I wanted to be a star with his own camp, heart bright as a new lamp

I got my opporutunity for a new team colors I could bleed, all I wanted was a new group of brothers with a unity

Come to find out things went fugazy, my heart went cold and my mind went crazy

In a few months I lost my boo my baby, taughts of depression put me in a recession, and i felt similar to a peasant

My dreams takin away, my passion taking away, shit cray, walk past my loved ones and kept to myself like "no hey"

Months went by my feelings I had to hide, I didnt want to cry, maybe I had to much pride, everyday I asked myself why

Wanted to say goodbye to the world, to every boy and girl, but I kept strong like I been in the weight room, 300 curls

My pops kept me strong, I was confused I don't know what went wrong, started to burn hit up the plug and hit the bong

Yet my pops kept me strong, dont know what I do without em, he said he'll never leave my side, I never doubted em

Now I gotta get on my grind, so I wont find myself tide up in a bind, continue to workout and ryhme

Cause one day the world will here a voice, and it will be mine.

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My family
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