For mom, it was raw eyes as red as the toilet water,

Her breath hitched when she told me the only world you would ever know was from her to a glass bow.

tears slid down her cheeks like children on slides,

when she had to push the hadle she knew she could not watch you go down.

It was the memories of a long 3 months for nothing,

and a car ride that lasted forever.

for dad, it was a phone call, 

at work,

a crying wife,

and not being able to say goodbye.

he was gonna be your hero, 

he was gonna be the one who killed spiders,

save you when your scare, 

and check for monsters under your bed.

But this is not just some spider that can be smashed and forgotten.

you can't scoop this child into a paper napkin to get rid of the pain.

miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a womans pregnancy before the 20th week.

for me,

It was the thought of still being alone. 

I get dizzy thinking about how many circles you made, round and round until nothing.

not all drains lead to the ocean, and a porcelain throne is not a proper burial for the princess that you are....

You could have fit in the palm of my hand when you left,

growing no longer then my index finger,

your eyes never opening to see the family who loved you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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