How did i get here?
where am I going?
You tell me not to fear,
Future still not showing.

Tell me child just wait.
Think I see a bend,
I feel I'm far too late.
Hit nothing but dead ends.

In my confusion,
through chaos and pain.
Reaching for the sunshine,
All I find is rain.

Hope that was spoken,
A long time ago.
Passion once on fire,
Seems dead. And cold as snow.

Lord my soul cries out!
Hear your daughter's plea!
Relieve me from this drought,
Only you have the key.

Look in the mirror,
All i see is me.
Couldn't be more clearer,
It's you I should have seen.

Secretly hid you.
Now you can't be found.
Search the world for answers,
Why don't I turn around?

Reach out to catch me,
For all men I fell.
Knowing your touch will be,
What saves me from this hell.

You're here all along,
Never was alone.
I got lost in the throng,
For you alone I groan.

Can i still be cleansed,
as dirty as I feel?
For me your love transcends,
You've never felt more real.

Passion can't be lost,
Only forgotten.
My soul, your plans embossed.
No longer misbegotten.


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